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International Doctoral Researchers

Currently, the International Office has 30 apartments for Guest Researchers and Doctoral Candidates in the so-called StuSie (student village) next to Seepark. Buggingerstraße No. 50 and No. 2 have 9 apartments each.

If you want to apply for an apartment in one of the guest houses, please send us a complete and signed  application form via email.

Upon receiving your application for a guesthouse apartment, you will get a notification from us. Roughly two months prior to the beginning of the rental date you requested, a concrete confirmation or rejection will be sent to you. Since the number of available apartments in the guesthouses is far lower than the number of applicants, we strongly recommend that you simultaneously look for an apartment from the private market on your own. The International Office offers an independent housing pool via the apartment database (see below).


OIKOS Wohnheim (13 rooms in 3 - 4 person shared apartments)
rent/month: 343,00 - 389,00 Euro
rental period: 3 months minimum
size: 12,38 qm – 18,28 qm
application form

Blücherstrasse (rooms in 3-person shared apartments)
rent/month: 248,00 - 437,00  Euro
rental period: 3 months minimum
size: 7,2 qm – 17,2 qm
application form

Sundgauallee 12 and 48
These are 2 bedrooms, as well as a 3 bedroom flat suitable for doctoral students with children. The International Office has the right to occupy these flats.
rent/month: 447,00 - 1195,00 Euro
rental period: 3 months minimum
size: 27,72 qm – 119 qm
application form

Buggingerstraße 50 and 2
These are 2 – 3 bedrooms apartments suitable for doctoral students with accompanying family.
rent/month: 587,00 - 902,00 Euro
rental period: 3 months minimum
size: 41,38 qm – 73,55 qm
application form

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